dotterall asked:

Hi there, I'm wondering about how modern Egyptian people relate to ancient Egyptian culture and imagery. What are your thoughts on how people in Egypt feel about ways Egypt is presented in the media and whether the iconic items of museums and pyramids and the like are anything more than a tourism industry for people living there?

Mahmoud Khattab Answer:

Hi, thanks for the question. I think there are some who still feel connected to the more recent history; being islamic, coptic and often ancient culture, but the majority of people in Egypt have been disconnected from their cultural heritage to the point where it’s no longer noticed or cared for unless used for tourism. I personally saw very old cultural buildings used for parking/venders with many of its valued belongings stolen or missing. But it’s not out of nothing; Egypt’s socio-economic crises have been around. More than half of Egypt’s population is poor and the big low middle class are trying not to end up like them; While the economically-privileged who are not helping in the economic crises are fighting to ‘preserve the culture’ from the rest of the people, others are having hard time finding economic stability, don’t think culture could be something to hang on to for them.

That’s my personal view.